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Warp Shift

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Name: Zackarie Lanning
Known aliases: Warp Shift | Zack | Red | Elf
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Species: Valsia - inter-dimensional Alien Species
Known Powers: Manipulation of Extra-Dimensional Energy (Force field projection, energy projection, telekinesis, worm hole generation, teleportation)

Known History:

The hero known as Warp Shift first appeared in the first Rikti War, a then twelve year old pre-teen appeared out of a portal of purple-blue hue into the midst of the Rikti invasion. Many assumed the boy to be involved in the invasion himself, however the speed at which he turned on the Rikti proved his alignment against the invaders.

Unsure of his origin, his relatives or even his own name, Zack was sent to a foster home for children with super powers. It was here that he chose his own name, Zack Lanning. Over the next four years, Zack stayed in foster care, moving from home to home, no one place really wanting to hold on to the boy for too long due to the unusual goings on around him. Over time, Zack began to feel that he would be best off alone, and at sixteen, he fled the care system and took on his own path in life.

At seventeen, Zack made himself a publicly known LGBT+ hero, and officially adopted the name he had been tagged with all those years ago of Warp Shift. At the same time, he became a prominent figure in the UK’s defence force against the second Rikti Invasion, using his own powers of wormhole generation to disrupt Rikti portals in the area and even assist in the destruction of several drop ships with other British heroes.

Zack’s powers only continued to grow following the second invasion, and the now young man found himself wormholing across the country, then the planet, and before long, Zack began to find out how to move himself (and others) across dimensions himself. Over the next several years, Zack became somewhat of a multiverse traveller, claiming to be seeking other worldly technologies to sell, but in truth looking for the home he never knew.

Zack finally returned to primal Earth permanently in 2018, settling down in the dimension, however, he decided to move himself to Paragon City in order to seek out other inter-dimensional entities in the hopes of finding More of his origins.

Unknown History:

**Redacted Information**

Zack is an inter dimensional alien known as a Valsia.

The Valsian people are considerably advanced in bio-engineering technologies, believing themselves to be superior to nigh on all other species in the known multiverse. However their technology has not advanced to the point of being able to travel to other dimensions due to the limitations of their physical forms.

Zack is one of the first “prototype” individuals, selectively bred to be able to use their innate gravitational abilities in order to open wormholes and pass through into alternate realities.

Zack is the eighth prototype, and the first to succeed in actually passing through dimensions.

The Valsia have been tracking Zack and his progress, which is unknown to the man.

Zack has no knowledge of his origins due to the extreme toll that moving dimensions took on his adolescent body at the time of his first jump. Additionally the pressure put on Zack’s young mind by this event disrupted his thought pattern, causing him to occasionally slip in and out of whatever dimension he is in, in mind alone. This occasionally results in Zack answering questions he hasn’t been asked, or completely disregarding something someone has said as in another dimension they never said it.

Zack’s powers appear to still be growing though he is also unaware of this fact.
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It’s complicated...

Post by Warp Shift » Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:40 pm

Nothing is ever easy. Nothing is ever normal, why would it be when you’re a super-powered, inter-dimensional entity with no idea where you’re from or why you’re here.

Zack stares up into the sky, storms raging as he floated on his back in the disrupted forms of the Shadow Shard, the place had always felt homely, and it alleviated Zack’s home sickness, strange that, being homesick for a home you’ve never known, Fernweh, the Germans of this dimension referred to it as.

The man floated, silently, on his own, simply listening to the crashing of thunder and watching the flashes of lightning. The red head sighed. A chittering noise caught his attention, looking down, a natterling sped towards him, the man sat up in the air and rolling his eyes raised a hand, a solid barrier formed around the incoming creature.

Zack floated in front of the creature, the beast scratched furiously at the sides of the shield, it crashed and bashed against the surface for a few long moments before slumping and sitting on the bottom of the barrier, solid green eyes staring at the red head.

“Well you rushed me.” The man sighed “Since you’re here, you can be an ear”

Zack laid onto his back in the air looking at the creature “It’s easy for you... just skitter skitter and flap about” he snorted and threw his arms upwards into the air “What am I meant to do? Can’t change emotions... can’t just run away again... too much here.” He shook his head and waved his hand, the barrier and critter inside goes speeding off into the distance “Good talk bro.” He shook his head and let out a sigh, before he vanished from sight.
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Re: Warp Shift

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Zack sits up in the bed, his ears twitch and his blue eyes dart about the room, roused from slumber by an unknown voice.


That’s all it keeps saying, eight, over and over. The red head groans and climbs out of bed, avoiding waking the sleeping form of Brad in the bed as he does. He takes a moment to smile at the Blonde Bombshell of a hero before near jumping out his skin


There it is again. Zack glares into, well, space, before padding his way into the kitchen. He walks to the window, looking out into the darkness of Founder’s Falls.


“Pushy aren’t you.” He finally answers into the darkness. With a sigh, the man turns and walks out onto the balcony “I can hear you...” he says, looking up into the sky “just... Show me what I’m supposed to do... tell me?”


The red head sighs and stretches a hand out “Just... let me know where you are...?” He says, energy trickling from his finger tips, scratching at the walls between dimensions “I just... want to know...” he takes his hand back, the energy draws back in.


“Yeah... Eight... I know” he sighs quietly, then turns and returns to bed, and the sleeping Brad.
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Re: Warp Shift

Post by Warp Shift » Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:46 pm

“Ok you got this...” truthfully this was becoming a mantra at this point. The red head stretched his hands out in front of him, red black energy swirled around them, and with a crack like thunder, space parted in the air, a shimmering portal with swirling energy at the edges formed.

Zack grinned “Ok! Portal hop number one... let’s go.” And with that, he leapt through.

Dimensional exploration is never an exact science, at least not when you’re an inter-dimensional alien, and this was of course no exception to that rule.

Somewhere in the vastness of the multi-verse, a red-black portal opened, and out of it stepped a strange being, it appeared colossal in stature, almost four or five of even the tallest Glarknekt, its skin a bizarre squishy looking pink substance, and some sort of plumage on top of what one could only assume as a head that appeared red as fire.

Now in the world of a Glarknekt, one should understand that existence is one of only two things. Eating, or reproduction. How the Glarknekt species had not quite gone out of existence yet is anyone’s guess, but they made it work for them. Most of the time. Except when a weird looking alien with space holes decides to crash in on the annual mating parade... they claim annual, it’s daily.

“Hi there!” The squishy fire plumed creature said. Whatever that meant one could only assumed but the Glarknekts being glarknekts decided that this was the most grave of insults, and so opened fire, with all their force...

“Oi! Give up y’little shits!” The squishy one spoke again, even the mighty trebuchets seemed to make no impact. There was nothing for it, they must subdue it by other means... by -any- means.

Now whilst this behaviour from a Glarknekt point of view made perfect sense... Zack found himself staring down at a diminutive species of non-human individuals. Sphere like creatures with stubby little arms atop their heads and seven trotter like feet underneath their little bulbous but solid bodies... and then the wiggling began. “The fuck are you... Jesus Christ aww you gross little shits getting off on my fucking shoes?!” Zack yells and rips open a portal above himself flying through at high speed, slamming the gate way shut behind himself on the vile little sex pests.

Victory for the Glarknekts and then they would celebrate their victory in true Glarknekt fashion, the same way they do every day, with food, and wiggling.
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