Moving Day

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Moving Day

Post by @SP » Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:46 pm

Sam breathed out as she looked over the room once more.

It was clean, for the first time in...well, the day she moved in, 4 years ago. Oh, when she got the place, she had told herself she would get a roommate. Someone to help with the rent, split actually social with. Of course, the list of people she knew and the list of people she could stand the company of had not entirely overlapped, and she had been loathe to put an ad out. The city was full of weirdos, after all. No, she had decided, better off living alone.

Until now.

And in the course of time, the 'spare room' had been filled with all manner of useless junk. Sure, the pistol maintenance gear was useful. The gym equipment she had used once and promptly ignored? less so. And that's not even mentioning the strata of magazines, bills, discarded wrappers, and the occasional forgotten sandwich that had slowly arisen on the table in the corner. It had taken 6 garbage bags to be done with the place, and that was after putting aside the useful stuff.

''Would it bother her?' Sam wondered. She knew she wasn't always the tidiest of people. And how easily little things could grow and grow until friendships buckled under the weight. For a moment she regretted her decision, then a second later mentally slapped herself for thinking that way.

'Stop second-guessing yourself. If things don't work out, they don't work out. We can be professional about it. No hard feelings"

Loaded with nervous energy, she flitted about the apartment, adjusting, tidying, taking only a moment to take in the 'scenic' view of the Zig from 12 stories up.

'Get yourself together, Sam. You're the better you, now. The White Warden. It's not as if you're sharing your personal space with a stranger. You can make this work'

She checked her watch. It was almost time
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Re: Moving Day

Post by Winters » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:37 am

Beth stood in the main room of the small apartment she'd shared with her dad for the larger portion of her life, hands awkwardly stuffed into the pockets of her jacket.

That... Seemed to be it. She glanced down at the three bags by her feet. She'd thought she had more stuff than this, but when you put it all together like this... She shifted from side to side a little and cleared her throat, looking at the door to her dad's -To John's room. It was closed, but she was used to talking to him through it when he didn't want to see her.
"So, uh. I'm off, dad. Sir." She ammended, licked her lips. Her mouth felt dry. Big steps. "I'll be back later to check in on you, okay? Give you your medicine."
Silence, resounding, answered her. She didn't know if that made it easier or harder. She looked around the apartment, casting her eyes around for stuff to say. She didn't feel like the conversation, such as it was, had ended, but Dad never had much to say to her at the best of times.
"You've got my number. If you need me. But, uh, everything's paid off now, so people shouldn't be hassling you for the bills and stuff. But I'll be taking care of them still, anyways."

She really had to find a way to thank Ceci. She didn't get the impression that it had been a large sum of money for the younger woman, but it had been transformative for Beth. Behind her, The Blue flickered in the air, lightly illuminating the apartment as her bags were lifted to float around her. She kept her hands crammed into her pockets. She'd spent the last few nights after patrolling and looking after the shop and the other myriad duties she found herself occupied with tidying the place up, removing every trace of her from the little space.

Her mind kept running back to the conversation that she'd had with Sam at the luaua. The apartment was all Dad. What does Beth want? Her lips quirked a little. Still had to figure that one out. But this felt like a good start.
She raised a hand from her pocket towards the bedroom door and her lips parted a little. She could taste unfinished business in the air, but she couldn't find the words to work out what she even wanted to say. Maybe now wasn't the time.
"Bye dad."


That had been this morning. And now it was later, and she was looking at the address Sam, her best friend, had given her. She could have flown, but she took the rail instead, and walked the rest of the way. She wanted this to feel like a Beth thing, not a Blue Barrier thing. She took a deep breath, full of nerves, and knocked on the door, a duffel bag slung over her shoulder, two more at her feet.
"Hi." She said brightly
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