The Equitas Plot

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The Equitas Plot

Post by @Q. » Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:59 am

It starts back just before the Soul Heist when Brad seems to have gotten help protecting his soul during the actual heist.

After the heist he becomes more assured and righteous. He shuns his own church and calls the Pastor a "false prophet", he starts claiming he doesn't need a "man-made" church. It might have been percieved as a bit weird but so was Brad's whole upbringing so not much attention was brought to it.

A few weeks ago Brad experiences a black-out during a patrol. This worries him and he alerts the Patrol to the situation. He claims he wants to be excused from Patrols until they can work out what this is. Just the day after he goes on patrol anyway, having not been able to resist some urge to do so. He has another blackout which then prompts him to actually take some time off. He starts sending texts when he's home so they know where he is.

A week or so passes, when he comes up with the idea of going on patrol and to have someone monitor him just to find out what actually happens. The idea is brought down first, but when zombies attack King's Row it's suggested they try, since zombies aren't sentient.

During this fight, Brad again has a blackout, but this time he changes into a shock-white form of himself - even his powers changes colours. When he comes down from it the team present he again has no idea what's going on. When Brad goes home that night he sends the "i'm home" text but then goes into another blackout which lasts two days.

The team finds him in his shock-white form two days later having been fighting crime for two days straight. They try to communicate with him but realises quickly that they're not talking to Brad but to Equitas, the angel behind all this. Equitas tells them in latin that he has no quarrel with them, and that they should stand aside. When they refuse to, eventually Brad snaps out of it and collapses as his normal self on the ground.

They go back to the shop where they try to snap Brad out of it. Sam prods Brads mind to see if he's alone, which he is. But Brad also withdraws from Sam when Sam questions the validity of what Equitas is and what his motives are. During this evening they try and work out ways of making sure Brad is safe – Brad finds this very awkward and is almost irritated by the idea that they will be tracking him. He concedes and allows Martin to create a bracelet that will track his movements.

A few nights later when Sam is staying over at Brads, Equitas lets Sam see a memory of a dream that Brad has. It’s not a normal dream, it’s evident that this is how Equitas and Brad communicates. In the dream It is very apparent that Brad is completely in love with Equitas, and Equitas too treats Brad like a lover. Equitas tells Sam that the changes Brad is going through has to be allowed to happen or it’ll hurt both Brad and Equitas. He also mentions that he’s put barriers on Brads mind so that he has no idea what goes on in his waking times – claiming it’s to protect Brads mind.

The angel also lets Sam see a kiss shared between Brad and the angel which spurs Sam to break-up with Brad. When Sam confronts Brad he doesn’t seem to understand what Sam is saying having no memory of what’s happened. Sam then shows Brad the memory. Brad doesn’t really know what to say, ending up just accepting the break-up. As the conversation progresses he starts getting a nosebleed, but ignores it until it becomes a headache and Equitas zaps him out of there, leaving the bracelet and Sam behind.

Saturday 12/10:
Brad logs onto the comms sounding as chipper as ever, the break-up which would have gutted him not seeming to matter at all. The team online at the time gets him to come to the shop to assess how he is. An argument erupts as Brad seems unable to understand their concerns, and Martin ends up forcing the angel out to speak to him directly. Equitas simply tells them that they aren’t his enemies, and that he and ‘Equivalent’ are one. He also refers to Brad as Silva, saying that ‘Silva wants this’ that taking this away from Brad will kill him. The argument ends as Eve transforms to her less coherent form and throws dark tendrils out and Martin tries to slice away a part of Equitas soul to consume it – both trying to show Equitas that they’re serious.
Equitas responds by trying to zap out of there. He manages to fight of the tendrils but not the soul-stealing. He does however just push Brads soul infront of himself, making Martin tear away a part of Brads soul instead. Then he and brad zaps out of the shop.

Laura, Brads mother, comes into the shop later having been to see Pastor Anders about their churches connection to it all. She tells them the Pastor doesn’t seem that surprised, but rather he seems a bit jealous of it all. He’s not very forthcoming but lets her at the library. She’s brought back a book which talks about the few accounts of angelic possession. She leaves the book with Eve while she goes to try and see if Brad is in his apartment again, he is not there.
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Re: The Equitas Plot

Post by @Q. » Sat May 02, 2020 12:04 pm

Equitas-plot, bullet point edition:
E = Equitas
B = Brad
P = the Pastor
Z = Erion/Zack/Warp Shift
  • B gets possessed by E.
  • B does Bad Things while possessed.
  • B is freed, E vows that B will eventually take him back.
  • Healing happens, things seem okay.
  • B meets Z. Romance etc.
  • E possesses P, claiming to want to help B be rid of his enemies.
  • GP bands together to free P from possession, Z tries to burn E out. It fails.
  • B and Z visit P at the hospital, finds that E has left him a husk with no chance of recovery ever. Body can no long house a soul. Z ends Ps life, out of respect for the man.
  • B finds out that E is behind the creation of the church he was in. B also finds out that E possessed his mom at the time of his conception.
  • B moves on getting the church shut down with the help of the FBI. Investigation is ongoing.
  • E starts possessing people and experiments a way to become invisible to Martin and Z. He eventually succeeds.
  • PPD is alerted to 13 strange attacks, links are made to P, the injuries match up. The link between them turns out to be B, they have spoken out against him in one way or another.
  • B is brought in for questioning. He omits that Z is involved and is free to go.
  • B realises that E will never stop, and the death toll will be too great. He decides to take action.
  • B tells Anna and Eda about Zs involvement in Ps death.
  • Anna reports B.
  • B goes AWOL, APB goes out for both Z and B.
  • Ryan confronts B, who refuses to turn himself in, and TPs out.
  • Z turns himself in, claiming full responsibility.
  • B is at large, still plotting Es death.
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